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404 Error: Humor Not Found! Tech Mayhem and Gigabyte Gaffes!!

Once upon a comically chaotic tech odyssey, my streaming journey began in January 2021 (give or take a day). My stream design flourished, and life was sweet until mid-2022, when glitches and bugs stormed my virtual paradise. Frustration mounted, and I bravely rebuilt everything from scratch in January. But tech gremlins didn’t quit! Blue screens, random restarts, and corrupted files haunted me through July. With a dash of genius and a new media creation tool, I found a glimmer of hope. But as stubborn webcams and missing dll errors played pranks, I learned the tech gods have a wicked sense of humor. Here’s to navigating this digital realm with humor and camaraderie, and may the tech troubles be mere anecdotes in our grand adventure! Follow me on Twitter (Instagram’s on hold) for more giggles in this great streaming odyssey!

who is radge

How a Reluctant Gamer Became Radge: The Unlikely Story of Lee

Radge, the multi-talented Scottish gamer, musician, and former graphic designer, has had a life filled with interesting twists and turns. From playing in various bands as a lead guitarist and backing vocalist to skateboarding and running his own successful web development company, Radge has never been one to shy away from new experiences. Even his journey into the world of gaming was unexpected, starting with a reluctant purchase of a Nintendo Switch for his daughter’s love of Fortnite. But now, Radge has embraced the gamer life, sharing his humor and love of games with his online audience. With so much already under his belt, it’s clear that Radge’s life is just getting started.


Have you played KartRider Drift yet?

KartRider Drift is an exciting online multiplayer game developed and published by Nexon. It is a remake of the popular game KartRider, which has been enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. KartRider Drift is designed to provide you with stunning racing experience, with challenging tracks, outstanding graphics, and exhilarating gameplay. In this game, players can…