I'd like to thank the developers of these products, without them, my stream would be nothing like it is!

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Why Radge Uses Streamer.Bot

Radge used to use a mixture of different bots and each was used because it did something the others couldn’t do. Early 2022, Radge heard about Streamer.bot through other streamers and decided to give it a trail run. After only 24 hours with the Bot, Radge, without hesitation, set to work removing every bot from his stream and starting from scratch with Streamer.Bot. He found that not only did this bot do everything he was using multiple other bots to do, but it opened up scope for a whole range of additional things that none of the previous bots could do. These things included coding of C#, Logic, as well as incorporate voice control of actions. It was an instant quick decision, and till this very day, he has never looked back. The bot evolves almost daily.

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If you are interested in a sponsorship deal, please get in touch with Radge via the contact page.