Who is Radge Gamer?

IGN: Radge Gamer
Location: Scotland Between Glasgow & Edinburgh
Born: 13th August 1979
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’9
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Streamer Type: Variety streamer
Favorite game: Fortnite
Started streaming: 9th November 2020 then stopped in December 2020, started properly again on 2nd January 2022
Couldn’t live without: Stream Deck XL & Streamer.bot

logo with ink splat
Radge gamer text logo

I consider myself as a variety streamer. For some people that means they’ll play any games, for me, that means I’ll stream anything as well as playing games. When I’m not playing games, you can usually expect something more creative such as graphic design or animation stuff. I do also like creating things like channel point redeems on stream using a mixture of Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, as well as Streamer.Bot.

When it comes to me outside of streaming, I’m usually working on something creative in my spare time. That could be websites, graphics or animations. I also enjoy photography and film making.

I am a married dad of 1 daughter, living in central Scotland between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

This section probably will be re-written at some point, so if you want me to include anymore specific information, let me know on the discord.