Twitch Chat Commands

Chat commands can be used when Radge is live.  Very rarely, and you’d be lucky to catch a time when the commands work and he is not live. The reason for this is that Radgebot (powered by needs to be active. When updates are being worked on, chat commands will work when Radge is not live. Radge prefers people to only use the commands when he is live so there is no interferance when he is programming new features and upgrades to the bot.

!lurk – let Radge know you’re lurking.
!supportacreator – get the epic games creator code that helps support Radge.
!discord – this requests radgebot to drop a team radge discord link in chat.
!joke – get radgebot to tell a joke in chat
!translate – did something get posted in chat in a foreign language? Copy it, type this command and paste the text after the command and radgebot will go and translate the text for you.
!whoareyou – use this to get radgebot to tell you more about radge in chat.
!qgdiscord – gets radgebot to post a link to the Quality Gaming discord.
!socials – gives you a link to a list  of places to find Radge online (other than twitch) SPOILER ALERT: It’s just a link to this website.
!wgstart, !letter, !guess !endgame – these commands are all for the word guessing game that chat can play at any time.

More coming soon..