Hey, fellow gamers! Thinking of joining the crew and wrecking fools (or building epic worlds) on stream? Or some other type of shenanigans depending on the game you’re interested in? Well, hold your horses, let’s check if we’re a vibe match first.

This ain’t just an open mic night – I’m trying to build a tight-knit community, and teaming up is reserved for folks who’ve been hanging out in the chat for a while, spreading good vibes, and getting to know the each other. Think of it as the VIP section, but instead of velvet ropes, it’s built on awesome interactions and genuine community spirit.

Now, if you’ve been lurking in the shadows (but in a cool, supportive way), fear not! This just means you gotta get involved, chat it up, and show us your awesomeness.

Once you’re part of the fam, let’s keep the stream a chill and positive zone. Here’s the lowdown:

Chill Factor:

  • Language: Keep it spicy, not toxic. Some colorful commentary is cool, but let’s avoid stuff that makes viewers clutch their pearls.
  • Spam & Troll Patrol: Nobody likes a chat saboteur. Keep it clean and avoid repetitive messages or trying to stir the pot.
  • Respect the Captain: I make the calls on gameplay, chat moderation, and all that jazz. Questioning and arguing ain’t the vibe, an instant ban from joining again will be likely!
  • Backseat Driving? Park it: Tips are welcome but don’t tell me how to play the whole game. It’s my game controller, don’t make me hit you with it, you know?

Level Up the Fun:

  • Spread the Love: Be kind, and supportive, not just to me, to EVERYONE, and hype up your fellow viewers. We’re all here for a good time!
  • Be a Hero: See something weird going down? Report trolls or bad apples to the mods – we gotta keep this place squeaky clean. Hell, even go a step further and join the mod squad! ️
  • Join the Party: Where possible, I’ll be doing viewer events, challenges, and all sorts of shenanigans. Jump in and be part of the action!
  • Spread the Word: Share the stream with your pals, squad, girlfriends, grandparents, and even the goldfish! I’m trying to get a cool community together, let’s grow this awesome community together!

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Platform Rules: Follow Twitch, YouTube, Kick, and TikTok’s rules like your gaming bible. Make sure you know where I am streaming live, and you keep it TOS-friendly
  • Content on the Move: Anything you do on stream might be used in clips, highlights, or videos. Consider it your streaming cameo!
  • Questions? Hit me up! Got any doubts? Slide into my DMs or email before I go live. Let’s chat!

Teaming Up Agreement (TL;DR):

By joining the stream, make sure you’re cool with:

  • Being on camera (not always required) and having your voice heard (it’s your moment to shine!) ✨
  • Being respectful and awesome (it’s basically rule #1 of life, ie don’t be a dick, if you think I’m not going to be happy about something, you’re probably right so don’t do it!)
  • Not promoting your stuff without permission (gotta respect the house rules). I respect viewers and anyone I bring in, so I’m likely to do all the promoting anyway!
  • Following my guidelines and being cool with me using the footage (we gotta spread the fun!)
  • Knowing that things can get crazy, but you’re down for the ride (it’s gonna be epic!)
  • Last but not least, be aware of your audio. No loud annoying noises, no chewing into the Mic, no DMCA music or any music in the background for that matter!

So, if you’re ready to team up, show off your skills, and create some epic memories, let’s make it happen! Remember, it’s all about having fun, supporting each other, and building a community that rocks. Let’s go!